A Great Day to be a General!


By: Alison Kapuska
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Saturday, November 3 — What a Day!

Saturday November 3rd was an intense day to say the least. As an athletic trainer I’m used to standing on the sidelines experiencing first hand the stress of an important game. I deal by pacing, filling water bottles, closing my eyes, and wishing I could fast forward time.  Not this past Saturday I experienced football’s amazing victory from the stands amongst the crowd. A crowd that was filled with fans, family, and on this occasion several athletic department staff members. Lets just say we can get a little rowdy when together. Which not gonna lie was tons of fun!

After the game and each over time would finish up and we were still tied was unreal. The collective gasps and cheers from the parents were crazy. I can’t even do the experience justice with words. The highlight from the game for me was watching the celebration following the 4OT field goal! It was awesome. The crowd was all signaling “its good!!” and the guys rushed onto the field. I wasn’t sure if my heart could take any more excitement.  But then I realized that volleyball was one game away from an ODAC championship also. We had been in communication with Matt Phillips who is the athletic trainer with VB who informed us of our semifinal victory and we were counting down till championship game time. At this point we had to rely on live stats and lots of refreshing. Once VB had sealed their victory I couldn’t be more excited for all the athletes. They work so hard through out preseason, practices, and games to achieve these big victories.  Saturday was definitely a great day to be a General!


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