Recounting the Thanksgiving Holiday


By: Brittani Sahm
Sports Information Assistant

The normal topic to talk about after Thanksgiving would be how many pounds of food I ate or the infamous Black Friday shopping. I actually tried to control myself on the overeating this holiday and my shopping spree desires ended when people started to line up outside of stores at 5 pm on Thanksgiving Day. No thank you. Instead, I want to recognize and thank all of the awesome people that make every holiday so very special.

First of all, this time of the year usually brings a ton of anxiety for me. Not only because of the gazillion people clogging the roads and the stores, but mostly because I’m supposed to be three different places at once, literally. I come from a divorced family, and both of my parents are engaged. That means I have, at the very least, three families to visit on the holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with all of them, but planning the day around everyone else’s schedule can be a bit stressful.

I was thankful for the Turkey Trot to burn off some of the calories from Thanksgiving.

This year, I added one more thing to do on Thanksgiving: Run a 5K Turkey Trot! It went well and I’m glad I did it after I counted all of the calories I ate.

We always start our Thanksgiving with an early lunch with my mom’s family. My grandma is the best cook I know and the food never disappoints. I have three aunts, who all bring their husbands, and seven cousins who try to fit in one kitchen with my family of five. It is by far the loudest house of the day because us women just can’t be quiet. Add in four medium to large sized dogs that always find their way inside and you have the perfect combination for disaster. I love every second of it though because the holidays wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t a little dysfunctional. This year we even got a surprise phone call from my younger cousin Cris who just left for the Army! Great way to end my first meal of the day.

Next up was my stepmom’s family. Now that my younger brother has his license, he gets to escort me and my younger sister around. It really is great to be oldest. Anyway, my stepmom also has a huge family and everyone gets together to eat, laugh, watch football and play some poker. I ditched the poker this year… I was sick of losing. I couldn’t resist the delicious homemade cinnamon rolls despite my very full stomach. I even skyped my sister in Arizona and talked to her and my baby niece for a little bit. We really wished she could be with us this year…

This family really has become one of my own even though I wasn’t born into it. I have more people I can feel completely comfortable around and who accept me and my brother and sister. I wouldn’t have my sister Chelsea or my second mom to grow up with and I wouldn’t have half of the memories or experiences if it weren’t for them. I am thankful every day for them and wouldn’t be the same if I weren’t a Sahmofalo (our cheesy, but awesome, nickname).

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is all about family and I enjoyed seeing mine!

Finally, we ended our day this year at my stepdad’s. We don’t normally go there on Thanksgiving, but they were in town this year and it is always nice to see more family. I obviously did not eat anything there, but at that point the day was almost over. I burned off the 4,000 calories I ate earlier in the day by running around with the little kids. My stepdad’s sister has four boys, with only one of them over the age of 10. It gives me a reason to act like a kid again! I fit in pretty well with them anyway, considering my height and all.

I’ve only known this family for a few years, but they are some of the most generous people I know. I am the oldest “grandchild” and was in college when I came into their life. They are HUGE Syracuse Orange fans and they fully support my obsession with the basketball team and take me to some of the games when I am in NY. All jokes aside, I have yet another family I can hang out with and talk to about anything. My life really wouldn’t be the same without them.

I saw some of my dad’s family throughout the week because they have other plans on the holidays, but I am still grateful for the time I do see them. I add more aunts, uncles and cousins than I can count at this time, making my family seem even bigger than I’ve ever realized. I guess its not the size of the family, but the fact that I have so many people I can rely on and love that makes all the difference.

I’d like to send one more huge thank you to ALL of my families that make every holiday and every day that much more awesome. It may be a little stressful finding time to see everyone, but it really is all worth it.

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