Oh Christmas Wreath


By: Alison Kapuska
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Me and Sis

Ahhh the memories!

The holidays are a very non-traditional time in the Kapuska household. When I was younger, we had TV commercial holiday celebrations. My family is originally from the suburbs of Chicago. We would split Christmas Eve and Christmas day with both sides of my family. The dinners and the “one at a time” present opening, even an occasional Santa visit.  But then the family moved to the frozen tundra of Minnesota and we adopted a more non-traditional holiday celebration.  We would every couple of years celebrate Christmas in Chicago, but a majority of the time we would be in MN.

One of our favorite traditions was seeing movies and eating Mexican food on Christmas Eve, which leads to leaving celebratory milk and cookies for Santa. But instead of milk would be Santa’s adult beverage of choice that would go along with our Mexican themed dinner if you know what I mean. I should add that this still occurs. We started another tradition 2 years ago when I wasn’t able to get back to MN in time to buy a Christmas tree. Shocking enough, you can buy a Christmas tree in MN at the end of October, but they are nowhere to be found the day before Christmas Eve.


And the new traditions!

So instead we found the most beautifully decorated Christmas wreath that we hung with pride on our wall next to the fake tree. We kept up the Christmas wreath this year although we decorated it our selves (which means my mom and sister decorated it). We got the whole experience by going to the Christmas tree farm the week of thanksgiving it was fabulous. Thankfully there wasn’t any snow and it was quite pleasant out.

Our holiday plans this year are the best yet we will head south to Florida. We will be spending Christmas Eve in Disney World and Christmas day at Harry Potter land. I’m really excited about spending time with the family in a relaxing/sunny atmosphere. They reported getting around 17 inches of snow last week in MN so ill take a pass at that this year. One thing I know for sure is that as long as you’re with family and people you love you can be anywhere and have an amazing holiday.


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