My Bucket List


By: Brittani Sahm
Sports Information Assistant

Just in case anyone was wondering, the flu is all around us and it is as horrible as everyone says it is. I know because I was stuck in my bed for almost a week doing absolutely nothing but watching TV and drinking water. Lesson of the day: wash your hands.

The time alone was actually good for me because it gave me some quiet time to think about life and where I’m headed. Then I remembered I’m turning 23 in less than a month. Wait, what! Everyone laughs at me when I say this because I’m still the baby around here, but I feel like life is moving at lightning speed without stopping to see how I’m doing. With that, I made myself a bucket list. All of the things I want to do in my life. We’ll see how this goes. I’ll even give a sneak preview into some of my biggest dreams.

1. Tour Europe
Maybe this seems a bit cliché since I have yet to make it past Ohio (I know…), but Europe has always fascinated me. The different languages and cultures in such a small area are astounding. My main destination would have to be Paris. I took French in high school and I feel kind of cheated that I never actually got to see the place I learned about for all of those years. One day I’ll be delightfully sipping wine and eating crepes in the show of the Eiffel Tower. Hey, a girl can dream.

2. Learn to surf
This is kind of silly. But seriously, how cool would it be to know how to surf? I get to spend a ridiculous amount of time in the ocean and I could be one of those people other people on the beach want to be. Yeah, I could totally see myself doing this.

Lambeau Field is one of those places I absolutely need to see.

Lambeau Field is one of those places I absolutely need to see.

3. Go to Lambeau Field
If anyone doesn’t already know, I am a Green Bay fan. Why Green Bay? Can’t really tell you the exact reason why, but I have loved Brett Favre for most of my life. It just kind of happened that I turned into a GB lover. Lambeau Field is one of those places where I absolutely will go one day, as soon as I have enough money to even think about it. There is so much history in the stadium and I’ve heard awesome things about it and the town. I NEED to experience it for myself.

4. Finish an Ironman
Sports are my life, as you can tell by my working in college athletics. I ran track all the way through college and I still can’t get away from exercising. I love it and I love a challenge. Last April I finished a half-marathon, my first one ever! Since that moment, I knew I could train for anything I put my mind to. This goal won’t be accomplished for a long time because of the immense amount of training it takes, so I’ll tackle this once I settle down.

So there you go, some of my biggest dreams in life. My boss, Brian, just mentioned today that you have to take advantage of the time you have now because it goes by way too fast. I may still be a “young adult” but I understand the message. You have the live for the moment, and I think my bucket list will keep me plenty busy.


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