ODAC Women’s Basketball


By: Christine Clancy
Head Women’s Basketball Coach

The ODAC is an interesting and exciting league to coach in.

The ODAC is an interesting and exciting league to coach in.

I have coached and played in four different division III conferences (UAA, NEWMAC, NESCAC, and ODAC), and the ODAC is the most interesting of the four. Not to say that other leagues are not competitive or interesting, because they are and they regularly have teams ranked in the top 25 nationally, but the ODAC is unique because of its diversity. The profiles of the 12 schools are very different and as a result each team in the league has a very different personality and playing style. This diversity leads to some interesting match-ups and results. I am always intrigued to see the final scores from league games and am often surprised by the results.

It is a fun league to coach in; you see a different style of play and different offensive systems most every night … because Shenandoah was added to the conference we now have 12 teams, play an unbalanced conference schedule (every team once and ½ of the teams in league twice), and everyone makes the ODAC tournament. Right now, with nine conference games left, anything could happen and anyone could walk away from the season as the ODAC Champion.

Individual players and teams have the motivation to compete every night as they are assured a play-off position and they fight to improve their standing in league. As a coach, to motivate players, you have to remind them that anything can happen in the post-season.

In the UAA, where I played as an undergrad at Brandeis, as a result of the geographic diversity of the conference, there is no conference tournament – teams may know very early in conference play that their post-season hopes are non-existent. As a player, I loved the UAA, but I do envy my players and their opportunity to compete in the ODAC tournament.

When the three seniors on the team were freshmen, the team won the ODAC as the underdogs … To know that this is possible and to have leaders who experienced that championship run is exciting. I don’t know if we will make a championship run this year, but I do know that it is possible and this possibility makes every practice and every game even more fun, exciting, and competitive!



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