Sieve, Sieve, Sieve!!!


By: Alison Kapuska
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Although I work with a variety of sports here at W&L one winter sport holds my heart. I may have mentioned that grew up in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes but others lovingly refer to it as the State of Hockey. Ice hockey that is! Growing up my neighborhood had an outdoor rink that made me rummage around for my figure skates to practice my backwards crossovers. People would also flood their backyards for rinks. My high school also had an arena which we played arena games for gym class, my favorite being broomball you could get your eye ball poked out playing ringet.  Most importantly my college had a team the St. Cloud State Huskies. Its tough to admit but I was not coordinated enough to skate and apply hand eye coordination so I never played the sport (the first divot in the ice ended my chances of gold in figure skating).

Back to my Huskies…One of the best aspects of being an athletic training student at St Cloud State was my exposure to the sport. Before that I never appreciated the effort it take to become a high level hockey player. Not only do you have to skate, shoot, but you have to combine the two on ice with in the men’s case people checking you all over the place.  One instance I was standing on the bench watching practice and a puck shot around the boards and hit it seemed like 4 inches from my head. I pondered wearing a helmet to watch practice after that.  It also taught me the ways of stretching athletes with skates on, the smells that will accumulate in goalie gloves, and how difficult it is to run across the ice when there is an on ice injury. And that’s only the athletic training part.

UntitledPicture this is an arena full of rowdy fans picking on the opposing teams goalie it goes a little something like this “ Anderson, Anderson, You suck Sieve, Sieve, Sieve (with hand motions)” Cant picture? No? Well youtube it, its awesome!!!!

Although I haven’t been able to get to a game since I was in college I try to keep up with my team. Who may I add is #1 in the WCHA no big deal. I will scroll through my Direct TV guide to see if they are playing on some obscure ESPN channel or check out the webcasts if I remember. Last year I was lucky enough to see them battle the U of Minnesota Golden Gophers on TV. They did not win but it was exciting to get a piece of home in VA. You betcha I will be filling out my bracket for the NCAA tournament!


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