Which Do You Prefer?


By: Scott Abell
Head Football Coach

I like watching the Heat.

I like watching the Heat.

Parity or dominance, which do you prefer?  This question is asked often in the world of sports and we can watch ESPN nightly to see examples of both.  Do you like to see that dominant team or athlete, like the Miami Heat, or Tiger Woods in his prime, or do you prefer the parity that NCAA basketball has turned into and some would argue the NFL also?

I for one enjoy watching that dominant team or individual, not so much because I enjoy seeing one team win everything but I enjoy watching the story that unfolds.  For example, I am not much of an NBA fan but I find myself watching, not rooting for, the Heat.  Maybe because I like seeing greatness and watching all the Jordan comparisons, which by the way is ridiculous.  There is no comparison — Jordan hands down gets the nod, or maybe its watching the great upsets that unfold at the hands of these dominant teams and figures?  Keep in mind great upsets can only happen if there are truly dominant teams or individuals.

As we approach March Madness and the NCAA tournament it is safe to say this year’s tournament will have a great deal of parity, and I will admit I’m not sure it’s a good thing.  There will be no great upsets like NC State beating Houston in 1983, because we know going into it there is no dominant team.  People always remember those years of great upsets or dominant performances by dominant teams.  This is just my opinion and I know that many will disagree.  To everyone, enjoy March Madness!

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