Take me out to the ball game!


By: Alison Kapuska
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Twins game

Twins game

MLB opening day was this past week it gives me hope that summer is right around the corner. Although the snow storm yesterday sent me mixed signals. While everyone has his or her team I’m more of a baseball experience type of gal. No team some may ask? Yes I am from Minnesota and I do cheer for the Twins.  But I can’t wait for the ballpark atmosphere. To sit in the stands and take it the vendors walking up and down the aisles yelling out “cold beer, hot dogs” and the fans in a tizzy over balls and strikes.  Get me a concession stand and I can enjoy any game.  Which makes it difficult working W&L baseball when I get envious of the crowd who when its sunny and warm look to be having a great time.

The past two years I have gotten Twin’s tickets for my dad for father’s day. The first year I wasn’t able to go due to a rain out and rescheduling. But last year we had a grand old time. My dad is a White Sox fan so I try to get Twins vs. White Sox but due to conflicts we had to settle for the Brewers. I can honestly say I don’t know who won but it was a gorgeous day although really hot. Target field allows for way more baseball ambiance compared to the indoor Metrodome. I don’t know if I will be able to get to a Twins game this year but maybe i’ll try out a National’s game.

St. Cloud State in the Frozen Four!

St. Cloud State in the Frozen Four!

Sun, baseball, cold beverage, and some yummy concession foods sounds like a fabulous afternoon to me!

Quick side note…. My college ice hockey team St Cloud State has made it to the NCAA Frozen Four. First time in school history! St Cloud will be taking on Quinnipiac on April 11th at 8pm look for it on your TV get your sieve hand ready!


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