The end draws near


By: Brittani Sahm
Sports Information Assistant

As I’m sure many of you don’t already know, this will be my last season as the Sports Information Assistant at Washington and Lee. Beginning this fall, I will pursue my Master’s degree in Sport Management at the University of Florida. W&L has given me a lot more than just my first real-world job; I have made unforgettable memories and life-long friendships that will always stay with me.

With my last month right around the corner, I want to use this time to make a bucket list of all the things I need to do, people I need to see and places I need to go one last time before I leave Lexington for good.

10. Hiking – My good friend Suzanne, the assistant women’s soccer coach, brought me on my first-ever hike a little over a year ago. Little did she know, the trail was high on the difficulty scale. For an amateur like me, this was unexpected, but we powered through and since then I have loved the beautiful scenery we get from the top of the mountains.

9. Goshen – Every now and then, my friends and I like to have some down time by the river. Assistants in the past found a great little place for everyone to hang out on the rocks, go swimming and just enjoy the weather. One of Rockbridge County’s hidden gems.

8. Blue Sky – By far one of the best café/bakery places I’ve ever had the chance to eat at. I’m also not very picky and the homemade focaccia bread is AMAZING. I could probably eat a whole loaf by myself. I love my food, but I could not live without my sweets. Lucky for me, they give huge helpings of their desserts, including my favorite, carrot cake. Lunch there at least one more time is necessary.

7. Charlottesville shopping – Yeah, yeah, I probably should be saving my money for graduate school. C-ville is too hard to pass up though. On top of the great outdoor mall they have, there are plenty more food selections.

6. Kayaking – The first (and only) time I attempted to kayak was a mess. I had a blast, but I was a little overambitious and wound up hitting a tree and tipping over. I want to give it another try because I’ve heard it really is relaxing when the current isn’t so strong…

5. Camping – Real camping, in a tent with no showers or electricity. I’ve done it before, but not with all of my friends here. There are also a ton of places in Rockbridge County and we’ve all agreed it would be ridiculously fun, given the weather is nice.

4. Virginia Beach – I have lived in Virginia for 17 months now and I have yet to travel to the beach for fun. Yes, I’ve been other great places, but it’s the beach! You can’t beat the ocean. Why not plan a short visit to the beach since everyone outside of VA already assumes I live there.

3. Run on the Chessie Trail – This will happen a few times over the next month. The trail is flat and it is so peaceful away from cars and busy areas of town. I usually go for longer runs here because of the lack of hills. One of my favorite places in Lexington.

Veritas Winery is one of the most beautiful places in the Valley.

Veritas Winery is one of the most beautiful places in the Valley.

2. Wine tour – If I drove about 50 minutes northeast of Lexington, I could find dozens of wineries and breweries. I’ve been on a couple self-guided tours with my friends here and every time is a blast. The views are unbelievable and the atmosphere in most of the wineries is comfortable. Not too busy, with employees always willing to make your experience great. I want to go on one more tour with everyone to take advantage of it all.

1. Personally say goodbye to all those close to me – This one is important to me because I have met some really great people in my time here. Not just employees of W&L, but community members also. I truly believe it’s the people that make a place great and I could not agree more about Lexington. I will miss everyone, but I know it won’t be the last time I see or talk to those who mean a lot to me.

I’m sure there are plenty more things I could add to this before my time in Lexington has ended. I wouldn’t mind suggestions either! Officially 56 days until my last day on the job (I just counted, I have NOT been counting down the days). Here’s to ending it with a bang!


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