Accepted Students Day


By: John Geissinger
Assistant Swimming Coach

With this blog entry I am going to focus in on the bittersweet nature of DIII athletics. This past week was Accepted Student Day and over 200 young men and women came to Washington and Lee to check out what we have to offer. It seems that most had already decided they were coming to W&L, they just wanted to show their parents what a great choice they had made! It was a beautiful day with great company.

During the lunch on Canaan Green a bizarre feeling overtook me. I was sitting next to two incoming students who are to become new members of the swim team in the fall. Across the table there was a senior who was talking to the group. All of a sudden I realized that this great individual was going to be gone! Dismiss the points scored at conference, at NCAA’s, and the incredible in-season performances. He is also just a great guy who I enjoyed having around the program. So while I am extremely excited to be welcoming in this new “crop” of W&L students I am sad to see the group of seniors go.

However, I truly believe that W&L prepares its students well for the expanding world post-graduation. The outgoing class has experienced all that W&L has to offer and is wiser from their experiences. I hope that the Accepted Students who go to speak to some of these seniors learned a lot from their words and strive to emulate the academic achievements that this class has accomplished.



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